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Coconut oil or also known as VCO is one type of cooking oil that has various ingredients and properties that are very good for the body. This type of oil is produced from fresh coconut raw materials, extracted from the oil or its kernel, processed by controlled heating or without heating at all, without chemicals and RDB. This VCO oil is suitable for consumption for dietary needs or losing weight. We sell cheap VCO oil all over the world. The MCT content in coconut oil makes more of the fat in it converted into energy, rather than being stored as body fat.
We sell quality VCO. The price of coconut oil is quite affordable so that it can be used as a solution for the need to increase endurance and get rid of fat. VCO can also be used as a substitute for butter in cakes or bread. As a distributor and supplier of cheap VCO in Indonesia, we offer superior products from us that can be relied on for your needs.